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You can sign up for GreenCity online through our learning platform.

Its a very easy 4 step process

ImportantYou can signup for GreenCity online course only with an enrollment pin which you will get from the school authorities or your mentor teacher for the program. Please proceed only after getting an enrollment key for yourself/your class

There are few things which you will need before accessing the GreenCity course

  • A computer/laptop/tab or mobile with internet connection. You can do the course over a period of time. All course materials are available to you.
  • A working email address to access our learning platform. We have kept the email address mandatory to make sure you have options to receive the login details or help you reset your password in case you forget yours.
  • As mentioned earlier an enrollment key from your school or mentor teacher.
ImportantWe will never share your email address or use it for any marketing purposes. We are very strict on this. We adhere to strict data privacy rules. Please read our privacy policy for more details

Once you have all of the above, you are all set to do the course in our learning platform.

Step 1. Signing up

Please go to our learning platform: and on the top right corner you can click Login and then click New Account

Click the New Account

Step 2. Creating your account

In the form, please fill in your details so that we can create the learning account for you. Enter your email address carefully twice.


Your user name can be your firstname.lastname for eg. Also please make sure you enter your password carefully and note it down somewhere safe for later. You password much be at least 8 character long and should contain a number, a capital letter and one of the special characters “#” “-“

Note: In case you do not have an email address already, please get help from your parents. They can either share their email or create a new one for you.

Please fill out the login form carefully and click create new account
If you will be shown a screen like above, that means your registration is success.
You do not need to click the continue button. Check your email

Step 3. Confirm your Email

Now that you have an account created in VentureVillage’s learning platform, you will need to confirm you email address.

Please login to your email which you provided in Step 2. You would have received an email like the one shown below. You can click the link in the email and login to our learning platform.

Please click the link in the email to confirm your enrollment
ImportantIn some cases your link might not appear blue and will not be clickable. In that case please copy the whole line (eg: and paste in a browser address bar to continue.

Once you click the link you will be taken to a page like below.

Yay!!! Once you click the email you will be taken to a screen
which confirm your account creation

Step 4: Enroll to the GreenCity Online Course

Once you click continue you will be taken to the page where the course provided by VentureVillage will be listed. for eg: In case you have signed for the GreenCity Online course in Malayalam, please click the Access Button below the course as shown in the picture

Look for the specific course which you will enroll yourself under

Under the specific course – Click on the Access button.

This will take you to the page where you will need to use the Enrollment Key provided by the School or your mentor teacher

ImportantYou cannot signup for any other course with the allotted enrollment key. In case you key doesn’t work, please get back to your mentor teacher.
Enter the enrollment key to gain access to the course.

Thats it: Welcome to GreenCity Course by VentureVillage

You will now have access to the course.

You can start doing the course 1 Chapter at a time. Happy learning!!