My Period My Pride

Our latest online course is on girl health, especially on menstruation called“My Periods, My Pride”“ that we launched in April of this year. This course is specifically designed to create more awareness about the female reproductive system, menstruation, menstrual hygiene management and sustainable menstruation among students.

Available Language: English, Malayalam ( June 2021)

About the course

Main objectives: 

  • Provide a structured program to create awareness about female reproductive system, menstruation, menstrual hygiene management and sustainable menstruation.
  • Educate and guide students on how to improve women’s health, especially reproductive and menstrual health
  • To remove period stigma
  • Mould environmentally responsible menstruators by promoting sustainable menstrual practices

Key Highlights:

  • Self paced course
  • Individual learns by themselves or along with their mothers
  • Use of relevant images and videos to simplify concepts
  • Focus on activities like period tracking
  • Instructions to help identify irregular periods and related issues
  • Introduction of sustainable menstrual products to a larger audience

Course Structure

  • E-learning materials, videos and activities
  • Easy to understand concepts
  • The course is available through VentureVillage’s learning platform on every device. Access from your mobile, desktop or laptop

All participants who complete this course will be awarded a Certificate of Completion from VentureVillage which will highlight the knowledge and awareness that they gained during the course.

By associating with VentureVillage, we hope to create awareness about menstrual health, remove the stigmas and promote sustainable menstruation ideas which will have lasting health, social and environmental impact in India.


If you are interested, please signup using the form below and you will be the first to know when the course goes live in April 2021 .