How to Enroll for Green Warrior Program ?

Its a simple 2 step process

Step 1

Go to our learning platform and create an account. You will receive an email and by confirming which you will have access to our learning platform. Hooooray !!!

Note: We do not use your email for any marketing purpose. We do not collect your phone number, or any information of your children.

Step 2

Once you login, enroll for the Green Warrior Program by clicking the Send Payment Via Paytm button

Once you are done with the payment you will have access to your course

If you face any problem in between. Please send an email to with the details of your username and email id and we will get back to you

This is a quite simple process, more than 3500+ children and parent have already done this and it should be easy. 🙂


Once you are in you should be able to see the course structure. You will be able to access the full course in due time after completing each section. one by one.

Happy Learning.!!

Remember if you face any problem in between, please send an email to

We are here to help, always !