Where can you buy Sustainable MHM Products?

VentureVillage believes in providing information about all available options to the students to mould them into informed decision makers.

With a strong belief that no single product can fit everyone’s need, as part of the SMC initiative, we provide avenues for the course participants to try out and take purchasing decision based on their requirements.


Ecofemme focuses on creating reusable cloth pads. Their products are available in their webshop here

Aakar Innovations

Aakar Innovations focuses on creating Anandi Pads which are compostable . Theirs products are available here

Hindustan Life Care

HLL Focuses on creating Menstrual Cups. You can know more about their product here

Thousands of young menstruators across India access and learn about Menstruation and more as part of our My Period My Pride Program. To collaborate with us and be part of our initiative, please get in touch with us.